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Malcolm spent his childhood growing up around the verdant woodlands of the Weald in East Sussex, in the UK. Exploring the woodland glades and hilly fields, he would often imagine them being inhabited by magical creatures and beings then create stories based on his imagination flavoured travels.

Illustrating seemed to be the perfect job for him so he studied art at college and then started working creating images for other people’s imaginations.

Many big companies that you may recognise have employed Malcolm to help develop their characters and things they may sell. These include Hasbro, Disney, Games Workshop, Simon & Schuster, Oxford University Press, and many more.

In this age of computers Malcolm loves to start his work using more physical means of getting his illustration started. Working with pencil and paper is really important to Malcolm and he has lots of sketchbooks rammed with curious characters, machines and inventions. Some pages are created for clients, some for future projects and some just for the old fashioned fun of it!

Malcolm has just recently launched his own universe called MATOTU, which stands for Machines Are Taking Over The Universe. See more at

Viva Lewes cover art by Malcolm Davis